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In collaboration with our partner Lotus, who assists READA to promote the Rice Bank project for third party donors, we have increased the number of village rice banks in our target communities. 

It is hard for poor subsistence farmers to produce the annual rice harvest which meet family consumption throughout the year. This unsustainable access to food links with food insecurity, which, in turns, leads to migration, children malnutrition, and debts. 

The concept of Rice bank is to provide a capital of rice for the community, which is available for the villagers to borrow with low interest rates. Then, the borrowers pay the rice loans back according to rice harvest cycle. Every harvest season, the farmers top-up the paddy rice to
the storages. The rice banks are administrated by the rice committee which consists of farmers from three villages. READA assist the committee's management. The interests for the rice loans are used for remunerations for the committee and social protection for the most vulnerable members in the communities. 

This initiative enables the target communities to tackle food insecurity through strengthening their communities.

Click here to access Lotus’ website