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Appropriate Way for Community Livelihood Improvement (AWCLI Project)

Appropriate Way for Community Livelihood Improvement (AWCLI Project)
is funded by Lotus Relief Charitable Trust over a period of 3 years (2009-2011) and covers 6 villages in Banteay Srei and Chikreng Districts, Siem Reap province .

The project’s objective is to improve livelihood security of target communities through providing the appropriate technical skills in order to exit poverty without undermining nature resources.
The main principals are:

- Improving community structure and savings through self help groups
- Improving food security and livelihood activity through distribution of grants, technical training
- Improving access to water
- Technical Training is focusing on environment friendly techniques. 

Monitoring is showing good results in improvement of the daily life of the beneficiaries. Many have now diversified activity and increased agricultural production thanks to the grants,  technical training and coaching provided.  The wells have also contributed to household income and agricultural activity during the dry season. More needs to be done to sustain, deepen and increase the achievements from the project especially in the area of links to markets and access to water and sanitation. We are therefore planning a second project phase after July 2012.
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