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On farm activities

Agricultural technical training

READA provides agricultural training on a range of areas, such as integrated vegetables cultivation, system of rice intensification (SRI), and poultry and livestock raising, vaccination, seed selection, ot natural fertilization.A strong focus is given on techniques which do not undermine natural resources. Our beneficiaries are encouraged to diversify their crops in order to improve livelihood security and increase income generation. Farmers also learn how to protect their crops and animals from diseases. Moreover, the appropriate use of new techniques enables them to increase their quantity and quality of productions. The productivity of each farm is depnding on their capacity and land areas, such as home garden(tackling family’s food security) or small agricultural exploitation (enhancing income generation activities through selling agricultural products). We assist farmers to improve their knowledge and skills through delivering training sessions in their village. 

Demonstration Plot
Demonstration Plots are set up in target communes in order to demonstrate best practices for both beneficiaries and stakeholders. As our agricultural courses are on farm basis, the partiipants can apply the thory and practice to their own farming activities. The plots are built as integrated farming systems, with modern agricultural techniques and are managed by selected beneficiaries who operate as role models. These “Famer-to-Farmer” advice exchanges are an effective approach to expand agricultur practices. 

Farmer Field Schools (FFS)
The Integrated Farmer Field Schools (IFFS) are set up at village level and deliver a 14 days training on home gardening, chicken raising, fruit tree growing, fish raising as well as self help group formation, microcredit, gender and extension methods. Agriculture-based job opportunities are also promoted through the FFS.