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Non-farm activities and market awareness

Food Processing

READA provides technical training and support related to food processing products such as fish sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce, fermented soy bean and other fermented vegetables which are then sold in local and regional markets.

Producer and Business groups
READA facilitates the formation of producer groups, taking into account market demand (for instance encouraging groups to process the products during high production/low price period so as to ensure competitive prices) and introducing the groups to relevant agencies which by recognizing the products will improve their marketability.

Our project team also facilitates the formation of business groups with beneficiaries acting as middlemen or women. Business group members purchase village products at a fair price in order to resell them in local or regional markets. The higher purchase price at which the business groups operate encourages further production of goods within the rural community, therefore acting as a catalyst for job/income creation. Furthermore, the business groups purchase (essential yet expensive at village level) goods from markets which can be sold to small business owners in the village, therefore benefiting all parties involved.

Small Business
READA provides advice on small businesses such as small grocery shop, mobile selling, sewing, food processing etc. This often targets the most vulnerable families with not enough land or manpower to work in the agriculture sector (e.g. widows, PLHIVs and disabled persons). We advise villagers on buying or producing products according to market demand. In addition, we also provide simple business training such as expense and revenue record keeping. Furthermore, our project staff introduces village producer/business groups to potential buyers, therefore playing an important role in promoting local products. In cooperation with members of the communities, READA also conducts market researches and prioritizes value chains.

Support Marketing Information System (MIS)
READA is establishing small market networks at provincial level. Those networks together with the local Department of Commerce and Agriculture and other related public and private agencies enable READA to obtain marketing information on a regular basis. Furthermore, our team monitors prices at center markets once a week to adjust market prices evaluated by government agencies and also analyzes annual data to determine potential price trends. This enables a Marketing Information System (MIS) to be established. MIS provides farmers with valuable market information which can be used as a point of reference for planning future growing seasons. Farmers also receives support on how to identify and monitor relevant market information as well as training on basic business concepts to help improve their decision-making on “on-farm and non-farm” planning. This in turns leads to more stable prices for local products.