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Livelihood security

Village Rice Bank
This project provides a rice capital which belongs to the community, assisting the poorest families to borrow rice at low interest rates during the period of food shortage, therefore providing food security and enabling beneficiaries to pursue other livelihood activities whilst helping alleviate debt. To ensure the sustainability of the village rice bank, our project staff supports the villagers in developing bank regulations; this includes roles and responsibilities of committee, beneficiaries and beneficiaries’ contribution. Furthermore, the community is encouraged to contribute through allocating part of the interest generated by the rice bank to assist the most vulnerable families. This initiative which was initially introduced as part of the Concern’s project was so successful in assisting with food security, debt alleviation and community mobilization that other donors decided to commit funds to establish rice banks in other communities. Furthermore, in collaboration with our donor Lotus we have created the “Rice Bank Project” which enables individual donors to sponsor the establishment of more rice banks.

Social protection
READA assists the most vulnerable members of the community through setting up social protection committees within the village. We provide monthly financial assistance and work with the committee to find long term funding solutions. We also mainstream social protection through pond construction and rice bank projects; encouraging the community to allocate part of the capital to assist the destitute.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
READA carries out in-depth vulnerability and intervention assessments with each targeted area and then use the outcomes to support Commune Councils (CC) and communities in the creation of a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) plan as an effort to mainstream DRR into all development activities. This ensures that the communities can prepare for disasters such as seasonal droughts, floods, fires and tornadoes. Our staff together with community leaders and CCs organize meetings with the community in order to agree and implement specific action plans.

Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Project
READA provides Emergency Assistance to its beneficiaries in the event of seasonal droughts, floods, fires and tornadoes etc. After carrying out an initial assessment, READA assists the community through the formation of an Emergency Relief Committee. Together with this committee, READA oversees the rehabilitation of the community until project completion by evaluating the exact needs of each affected family, purchasing and distributing essential supplies (food, necessary household items etc.) as well as reconstruction equipment and by following up on reconstruction work. This is followed by a DRR assessment.