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Cooperative and Civil Society Development in Sime Reap(COCIS)

The goal of the project : Poor people in rural areas in Siem reap have increased their livelihood because strong civil society organisations have developed in their local communities 

The objectives of the project
1)By 2016, 175SHGs are better organised with improved group and individual business activities and 100 SHGs are able to facilitate implementation of community development activities
2)By 2016, 10Agricultural Cooperatives(ACs) have built organisational and commercial capacity and they have at least 1,000members
3)By 2016, 125SHG out of 175SHGs and 6 out of 10ACs are increasingly influencing on local and national decision making on rural development

The project period: 3years(from 2014 to 2016) 
Funding: the government of Denmark through ADDA
Partner NGO: ADDA
The target areas: 121villages in 31communes of 6districts in Siem Reap(esitmated 2,640beneficiaries) 

The main activities: 
(Objective 1) 
-Training of SHGs by district facilitators and Provincial Department of Agriculture(PDA) staffs on opportunities, obligations, laws, and legal rights of related to the cooperation within SHGs, Farmers Associations, Agriculture cooperation, including training on cooperative law. 
(Objective 2) 
-Deliver trainings for SHG members on opportunities and limitations of operation within Cambodian Cooperative law 
-Building capacity of AC comities members on AC management
-Hold meetings between authorities and ACs
-Write a guideline fro strategic methods for active member involvement/participation
-Announce a competitive grant for SHGs and 8best performing ACs(best practice and best business plans submitted to the evaluation board) make available of financial resource to boost business activitie 
(Objective 3) 
-Deliver trainings for SHG members and villagers on participatory village development planning using major tools from Participatory Rural Appraisal(PRA)
-Agricultural priorities and the current policies are discussed within ACs and SHGs. Priorities are summarised to be used for dialogues with fellow village and local authorities
-Recommendations and initiatives that will be desirable for members are discussed and outlined in close collaboration with SHGs and ACs 
-Meetings/forums with local authorities are arranged for presentations of priorities worked out by SHGs and ACs regarding rural development and livelihood poor people 
-Conduct a stakeholder workshop involving beneficiaries, NGO partners, authorities, relevant projects, and Civil Society initiatives in Siem Reap
-Legal aid of Cambodia(LAC) representatives meet with community members and leaders and provide them with training on the rights of women and children as well as capacity building on how to protect those rights
-Provide proposal writing trainings on Community Development Planning(CDP)  for SHG members

See our partner's website: adda.dk/