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Strengthening and Consolidation of Women Microcredit Groups(FAHU project)

The goal of the project: Enhance social and economic empowerment of rural women in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia 

The objectives of the project  : 
1)By the end of September in 2015, 66women SHGs have increased capacity on member involvement, saving/credit schemes, group leadership, and the SHGs are able to raise the voice of the poor within their local communities  
2)By the end of September in 2015, 66SHGs and 1,150household have improved livelihoods and reduced food insecurity

The project period: 2years(from 2013 to 2015) 
Funding: FAHU foundation
Partner NGO: ADDA 
The project target areas: 49villages in 17communes of 4districts in Sime Reap(estimated 1,239beneficiaries) 

The main activities
-Develop SHG annual plans with assistance from facilitators 
- Women's leadership and conflict resolution trainings
-Village Investment Planning and Commune Investment Planning process trainings fro SHG members
-Advocacy skills trainings
-Micro enterprise management skill and agro-processing techniques trainings 
-Assist SHGs to prepare business development plans 
-Strengthen existing and/or implement promising microbusiness activities within SHGs 
-Environmentally sound practices trainings
-Home gardening and poultry farming skill trainings 

See our partner's website: 
adda.dk/(Partner Danish NGO) 
www.fahufonden.dk/(The donor of this project, FAHU Foundation)