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Cambodia Harvest: Food Security and Agricultural Improvement for Community Action (FSAICA)

Cambodia HARVEST is five-year food security program focused on increasing incomes for 70,000 rural Cambodian households as part of the United States Feed the Future and Global Climate Change initiatives. The Cambodia HARVEST approach to date has developed agricultural solutions to address poor productivity, post harvest losses, food safety issues, lack of market access, environmental degradation, and the effects of climate change on food vulnerable populations. READA received a sub-contract grant from Cambodia HARVEST project and working for improving Food Security and Family Nutrition. 

The main project programmes

-Improve horticulture skills on commercial and home garden productions
-Scale up commercial horticulture productions
-Food security and Family nutrition trainings

Project focuses: The project pays attention to improving Food security in 
-Food Availability: Increase agriculture productions
-Food Utilization: nutrition, sanitation and hygiene practices, and post-harvest management (storage) 
-Access to Food: Income generation through agriculture business 

Project period: 3years(2012-2015)
Project Target areas: 5districts in Siem Reap(estimated 2,567beneficiaries) 

The project main activities
-Select clients for each programme
-Install drip irrigation systems and establish demonstration sites
-Deliver on farm trainings and technical assistance for school gardens and home gardens
-Organise farmer field-day events/school field day events
-Form family nutrition groups and provide family nutrition trainings and technical assistance
-Conduct family nutrition, hygiene and sanitation trainings 
-Cooking demonstrations and village cleaning campaign 

See more detailswww.cambodiaharvest.org/