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Cambodia Harvest: Mobile Kitchen project

The Mobile Kitchen Project is a part of the Cambodia HARVEST Program, an initiative of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to disseminate information and promote behaviour change on family nutrition. READA received a sub-contract grant and is implementing the project in two provinces: Siem Reap and Kampong Thom. 

The objectives of the project
1) Using participatory methods, teach people living in rural villages about family nutrition and the linkages between agriculture and nutrition
2) Demonstrate practical ways for households to change their eating behaviors and, using readily available foods, encourage them to increase dietary diversity and promote healthier diets
3) Focus on the nutritional needs of young children in the first 1,000 days of life through promoting good complementary feeding practices and monitoring children’s growth
4)Provide mini-trainings on good food safety and hygiene practices. 

Project period
(Siem Reap):2years(from 2014-2015)
(Kampong Thom):3years(from 2013-2015) 
Funding: USAID
Project target areas
(Siem Reap): 
180 villages in 23 communes of 6 districts
(Kampong Thom): 180 village

The main project activities
-Cooking demonstration by mobile food carts: Two mobile food carts visit target villages and show nutritious recipes for family meals, nutrition information, and sanitation and hygiene practices. Furthermore, the project team cooperates with village health support groups and promotes growth monitoring for children under two years old. 
-Following-up sessions: After the cooking demonstrations by the food carts, a following up team visits each village and deliver refresher trainings and technical assistance on their eating habits.

See more detailswww.cambodiaharvest.org/