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Cambodia Harvest: Saving Fund


The Saving Fund Project is a part of the Cambodia HARVEST Program, an initiative of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to disseminate information and promote behaviour change on family nutrition. READA signed a sub contract to receive a grant from USAID and supports women’s enterprise activities and financial literacy trainings. 

The objectives of the project:

-Food Security Nutrition Group(FSNG) members and saving fund member will receive training and mentoring support to establish self-managed savings and lending funds to increase their access to small loans to be used to support improved food security and nutrition.
-From membership of a self-help group, rural women develop saving funds and invest them in small businesses that engage in marketing and other commercial activities in order to improve their food security and nutrition.

Project Period: 18 Months (01/04/2014-31/10/2015) 
Funding: USAID
Project target areas: 15 villages of 5 communes in 1 districts of Siem Reap province

The project main activities
-Organise saving fund groups 
-Group management and leadership trainings
-Financial literacy skill (e.g. bookkeeping) trainings 
-Strength saving group structure and saving loan functions. 

See more detailswww.cambodiaharvest.org/