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Village Capacity Building Project in Siem Reap Province of Cambodia

The goal of the project: To build villagers village organisation’s capacity

The objectives of the project
1)To improve sustainability of village organisation 
2) To improve agricultural and self-help group capacity

Project Period: 18months
Funding: Kyung Hee University 
Global Service Crop of Kyung Hee University
Project target area: Khnar Cheoung village of Krouch Kou commune in Kralanh district of Siem Reap province

The main activities 
-Organise one integrated farmer field school in the target village(deliver trainings on vegetable cultivation and poultry farming techniques and follow-up sessions) 
-Establish 1Self Help Group and strength the capacity of 2 old SHGs in the target village 
-Install drip irrigation systems for selected clients 
-Strengthen Self-Help group comities functions and increase members’ involvement
-Construct Ring wells and 2 rice banks
-Establish Markets and Agriculture Cooperatives 
-Form agricultural producer groups 
- Organise Self-Help Group Exchange Visit