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Dear Sir, Madam,
Since READA was established in 2004, we have worked with the poorest members of rural communities to assist them to overcome the challenges which are affecting their lives and maintaining them in poverty. We focus on livelihood improvement and community empowerment through providing people with the tools and skills required to improve their lives, the lives of their family and their community.  Root causes of poverty are multiple, complex and extremely difficult to overcome for the poorest.  External factors such as lack of reliable services and infrastructures, low education, skills and knowledge, lack of financial resources as well as poor representation or voice in public debates etc. are all contributing to poor people staying poor.  READA is actively tackling these challenges. Furthermore, our goal is not only to improve the community’s current situation but also to ensure that the improvements achieved are sustainable, we therefore focus on building and strengthening the community structure, internal resources and ability to interact and negotiate with public and private sector stakeholders.

Our collaboration with stakeholders such as government departments, local authorities, private companies, Local and International NGOs is essential to achieving our short and long term goals. Moreover, our work is strongly supported by our donors and partners, who are actively assisting with building our capacity, therefore increasing the impact of our work on the lives of the poorest communities.

Through fighting poverty, we have monitored many progress and improvements in the lives of those we assist. Most have achieved better food security and increased their income generation through learning new agricultural and business skills and increased access to water and hygiene awareness; communities’ structures have improved, enabling for better community participation and creation of social protection systems.

As we continue learning from our projects we are looking forward to many more achievements.

Yours Faithfully,

Lok Sokthea
Executive Director

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