About Reada

Rural Economic & Agriculture Development Agency (READA) is a non-profit organization with international and local co-operation partners such as CONCERN, ADDA, LOTUS RELIEF CHARITABLE TRUST, AGRISUD, CCC, DAI etc. READ was founded in 2004 and registered at the Ministry of Interior on January 2005 with registration number N090. It was formed by Cambodian volunteers and a technical assistance group comprising of former AGRISUD employees.

In September 2011, READA received the internationally recognized GPP certification on Governance and Professional Practices. GPP, which is coordinated by Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), is a collective response by NGOs to professionalize and strengthen the NGO sector in Cambodia by encouraging and promoting NGO accountability and good organizational practices. READA is the first out of 32NGOs in Cambodia to have successfully completed the certification process.

READA is working in rural areas of six provinces (Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, Pailin and Oddar Meanchey) and currently implementing 12 projects in 417 villages. 

Siem Reap: 8 target districts, 37 communes, 181villages (estimated 11,338 beneficiaries) 

Kampong Thom: 5 districts, 22 communes, 180 villages (estimated 7,200beneficiaries) 

Battambang: 1district, 2 communes, 6 villages (estimated 300 beneficiaries) 

Oddar Meanchey: 5 districts, 13 commune, 54 villages (estimated 2,000beneficiaries)

Banteay Meanchey: 2 districts, 4 communes, 12 villages (estimated 600 beneficiaries)

Pailin: 1 krong, 2 Sankats, and 1 district, 12 villages (estimated 600 beneficiaries)

Our project is based on the needs based approach and rights based approach. The Needs Based Approach provides the poorest with new opportunities to increase their living standards by providing support grants to start up livelihood activities. The Rights Based Approach is a strong awareness raising program which ensures that the communities have a deeper understanding of their basic rights to life and independence of expression.

We ensure that we provide members of rural communities with the opportunity to expand their livelihood activities without depleting natural resources. In November 2005, READA received an Award on Organic Agriculture Production, delivered by the Ministry of Agriculture and JICA.

We, READA, strongly belive in knowledge, skills, sharing, and collaboration among development actors and collaborate closely with local authorities, relevant ministries, local, International NGOs and private sector.  To better serve our communities in a sustainable way, we recognize that we need to build our staff capacity. This is an on-going process which our international NGO partners play an active role in.

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