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Empowerment of Civil Societies in Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia (CISOM)

The goal of the project: Democratic civil societies have developed effectively advocate on behalf of poor people to defeat poverty and hunger and reaching out for the Millennium Development Goals in Oddar Meanchey. 

The objectives of the project : 
1)By the end of 2015, at least 80% of 2000poor families in Oddar Meanchey has increased their consumption and/or increased income at least 30%from sale of vegetable, cash crops, rice, and small livestock
2)By the end of 2015, at least 80SHG in Oddar Meanchey- compressing the poorest of the poor and in particular women- have developed into basic democratic civil societies improving livelihoods of SHG members providing a safety net against shocks and promoting income generating activities of SHG members
3)By the end of 2015, the action has build enhanced advocacy power of the 4NGO partners and at least 60(out of 80) SHGs in Oddar Meanchey which has resulted in increasingly influence on local and provincial decision making regarding rural development and livelihood of poor people.

The project period: 3years(from 2013 to 2015).
Funding: the government of Denmark through agricultural Development Denmark-Asia (ADDA) 
Partner NGOs: 3local partner NGOs in Oddar Meanchey: RCEDO, CIDO, and KBA and ADDA 
This project target areas: 54villages in 13communes of 5districts in Oddar Meanchey(esitmated 2,000beneficiaries)

The main activities
(Objective 1) 
-Conduct Training Of Trainers(TOT) courses on vegetable, cash crops, rice production, small animal husbandry formation, and development of SHGs and advocacy 
-Conduct Farmer Field Schools(FFSs) on vegetable and small livestock
-Explain the concept of Self-Help Group(SHG) s to FFS participants
-Train community professionals(CPs) in market analysis/market assessment and basics of accounting and micro business planning during TOT 
-Train SHG members on specific agricultural production issues proposed by SHG members based on market information

(Obejective 2) 
-Conduct training of SHG comities on group leadership and proper management
-Deliver Women's leadership skills trainings for SHG leaders and CPs by specialised trainers from NGOs
-Assist SHGs to register Community Based Organisation(CBO)status at local authorities 
-Conduct trainings of SHG members on basics of microbusiness planning and market assessment
(Objective 3) 
-Participants and NGOs work out small reports outlining priorities and recommendations of rural poor to be used for village, common, and district investment planning
-Organise training of SHG members on local governance and advocacy 

See one of our partner ADDA's website: adda.dk/